Inbase interfaces

Import- and export interfaces between your web shop and your supply chain management software / ERP system

A shop system with an integrated content management system allows flexible responses to your target: the market.

Shop systems with interfaces to popular inventory management and ERP systems enable the automated maintenance of the data in the shop systems.

Via an import interface, you can directly import the transactions (processes, addresses) of your web shop into your supply chain management software / ERP system.

With export interfaces, you can export groups of goods and article data and your customers’ data about addresses, special prices and rebates.

Use the functions such as add-on articles, prices with time restrictions, rebates for groups of customers or groups of goods and the option of also setting up a restricted area with special prices for special customers.

With an inbase shop system (B²B, B²C) with, for example, SAP Business One interfaces, you will moreover have:

  • Comprehensive statistics (Sales by period, articles, groups, server names, currencies, etc.)
  • Various import and export routines
  • Automated functions to update the shop items and product groups
  • Export of history data
  • Display of availability and stock
  • Client to Article (price) relations
  • Client to groups (-discounts) relations
  • Completed on-line transactions are stored in the shop as a web page (and. Pdf)
  • Management of multilingual article data
  • Unlimited number of articles or shop categories

more Information about the shop system:

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