shop systems

inbase shop systems

B2C, B2B

Shop systems which link to an editing system permit flexible responses to your target: The market.

You can integrate news, new products and special offers into your shop’s web pages on your own in order to always provide up-to-date data.

Use functions such as assessments (feedback), add-on articles and the option of also setting up a restricted area with special prices for special customers (B2B).

The inbase shop system and the related shop module make it possible to optimise web pages for the market’s leading search engines (Google™, Yahoo!).

Moreover, with an inbase shop system (B2B, B2C), you will have:

  • Easy administration and management
  • Unlimited number of articles or shop categories
  • Unlimited options and variants
  • Price lists depending on customer group, special offers
  • Selection and positioning of products on the index page
  • Various shipping / payment modules
  • HTML Editor (WYSIWYG) for item and category descriptions
  • Comprehensive statistics (Sales by period, articles, groups, server names, currencies, etc.)
  • various import and export routines to enterprise resource planning systems (Navision, HS, CHD, microtech Büro Plus NexT)
  • automated functionality to update store items and product groups
  • Export order data in different formats (XML,CSV)
  • Graphical display of history data (B2B only)
  • Representation of Residue lists (B2B only)
  • Display Availability and stock (B2B only)
  • Client to Article (price) relationships (B2B only)
  • Customer groups to (-discounts) relationships (B2B only)
  • Storage of completed transactions as a web page (and. PDF)
  • Management of multilingual article data
  • Management of different character sets (for example including Russian or Greek)