Content-Management-System myCMS

Currentness and flexibility characterise the markets!

To be able to respond quickly and thus to always be a "step ahead of the game" means: Accepting challenges.

In this regard, tools are of critical importance.

myCMS is a multi-user-compatible "online" editing system for the management of any desired layouts, text content and graphics/photos-particularly for the World Wide Web.

A shop system (online shop) and many additional modules such as evaluations, an assessment system (only shop), guest books and forums have been integrated into myCMS in order to make your work easier.

The separation of form and content makes logical content management possible.

Upon the one hand, myCMS is different owing to the layout templates and modules which regulate the reproduction of the data and, upon the other hand, owing to the content such as page titles, master data or graphics which form the core of the information.

mycms CMS

Furthermore, there are rules which pertain to the publication of the content.

The system is modularly structured and can be used with the "perl" programming language upon all popular server platforms (Linux, Solaris, MAC OS X, Windows).

Because myCMS itself is controlled via templates, all functional elements are variables: Fields, forms, layouts and also functions.

Thus, myCMS uses online database systems and can be operated across platforms with all popular Internet browsers.

myCMS unites customers and agencies. Professional design and 100% implementation into the target medium is the first step.

The customer’s employees can best ensure the currentness and correctness of the information displayed.
The employees may alter the content in any format that is desired via input forms. Thus, another new type of workflow is created between customers and agencies.

myCMS features


  • Browser-based online content management system
  • platform independent
  • Unlimited scalability through modular design
  • RDBMS-Backend (mySQL, Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL)
  • Manages any file format (HTML,WML,XML,SGML)
  • Generation of dynamic and / or static pages
  • Free definition of access privileges
  • Dynamic on-line help
  • Management of sub-systems (portals, regions)
  • FTP publishing to any server
  • Multi server publishing (via FTP)
  • Full-text search capabilities
  • Integrated file manager
  • Integrated uploading features
  • Auditing functions (HTML-Check, Link-Check)
  • Integration of rules (if ... else )
  • HTML-Check
  • LINK-Check
  • HTML Editor
  • Easily extendable with additional modules
  • Additional modules:
    - Shop System
    - Shopsystem B²C
    - Online Shop B²B
    - Shopmodul B²C
    - Webshop B²B
    - Interfaces to ERP systems
    - Büro Plus NexT interface
    - Büro Plus NexT interface B²B
    - Büro Plus NexT interfaces B²C
    - Reviews (only Shop system)
    - Statistics (only Shop systems)
    - Forum
    - Guestbook
    - PDF-Maker

By using myCMS HTML Editor, even text forms, charts or graphics can be inserted without HTML skills.

Testing mechanisms such as HTML or link checks also give myCMS the edge over the rest of the offline solutions. Time-controlled publishing, serial e-mails and the management of multiple servers are modules which even online systems rarely offer.

myCMS is a very dynamic system which offers both agencies as well as also its customers the necessary flexibility to keep up-to-date.

Note: Büro Plus NexT, Büro+ and all microtech-Products are registered trademarks of microtech GmbH