Amazon interface: Up2Shop

Your products at the Amazon marketplace? No question!

The Up2Shop makes it possible to have automated data exchange with the Amazon Marketplace Web Service API (Amazon MWS).

Your entire range of goods will be published at Amazon automatically by means of our Amazon interface.

Amazon’s sales can be converted automatically into .CSV or .XML files through the up2Shop Amazon Client and thus imported into each merchandise management system such as SAP Business One (SAP B1) or microtech ERP-Complete.

The subsequently generated shipping confirmations can once again be transmitted to Amazon.

              Workflow can is fun !

Up2Shop (Marketplace Amazon) Overview

Product Management

» data transfer to Amazon, etc.:

  • article data
  • partial updates
  • automatic price and stock updates
  • Amazon delivery plans

Sales Processing

» further processing:

  • Amazon FBM/FBA order reports
  • Amazon settlement reports
  • upload shipping confirmations and invoices
  • preparation of data for import into ERP systems

Report Management

» download additional information:

  • Amazon FBM/FBA stock
  • reports on order tracking
  • reports on settlement


Up2Shop Amazon Client Overview


  • Management of all of Amazon Marketplace supported document types and templates (CSV, XML, TXT)
  • Administration of number ranges for customer- and order numbers
  • Fully automatable
  • No usage of a GUI in the batch mode, the application runs in the background
  • Scheduled execution via "Scheduled Tasks" in Windows,
  • Flexible control of modules using command line parameters and a simple configuration

Amazon  Exports

» Upload Datafeeds to up2shop inclusive

  • Productdata (text, description, images, prices, availability, EAN-Codes)
  • add. Productdata like eg. internal item-number, manufacturer part number - mpn, add. description)
  • Shipping Confirmation
  • related items and variants
  • Amazon Fulfillment Items (FBA)

Amazon Imports

» Downloads from up2shop incl.

  • Request of reports like Amazon Order Reports
  • Request of reports like Amazon Fulfillment Order Reports (FBA Reports)
  • Download and parsing of Amazon Order Reports
  • Download and parsing of Amazon Fulfillment Order Reports
  • Download FBA Stock Reports
  • Download Settlement Reports
  • Parsing and Transforming of downloaded data to prepare files for the import into different ERP-Systems
    like e.g. SAP Business One / SAP B1, mesonic, microtech ERP-Complete)


  • Management of multiple accounts
  • Use of different templates (Im- and Export templates)
  • Use of different Im- und Export Path
  • Variable generation of additional texts
  • Generation of variable prefixes, order- and address numbers
  • Pre-assignment of price lists, shipping costs, order- and address variables

Technical Requirements

  • min. 256 MB RAM, 50 MB HDD
  • Windows 7, Windows 10

up2shop amazon uses parts of the Amazon Marketplace Web Service CSharp Library.
Copyright 2009 Amazon Services.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"),

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