Individual software, individual programming

Interfaces, editing systems, content management systems and CMS solutions

Standard software can depict only standardised processes.

However, at each company, special structures and work processes have been developed which reflect the company’s philosophy and work approach.

They are not supported by standard software.

The higher purchasing expenditures for individual software in comparison with a standard solution quickly pay off through the smaller amount of time that is required for training and the optimal efficiency of the application.

We will create your individual solutions – from an interface to a complete application in a multi-user environment.
In this regard, we can also document references in the programming of evaluation and statistical macros or statistical tools-particularly in the Controlling Division.

In close cooperation with you, we will conceive and realise programmes which precisely fulfil your requirements.
We use the most modern developmental tools in order to be able to provide you with high-performance programmes in the shortest time possible.

We will work for you

  • according to specifications
  • either platform independent or
  • tailored to your system environment
  • with different development languages and tools
    (C, C++, Java, PHP, Perl, VB, VBA, Perl, ASP)
  • with different back-end technologies
    (mySQL, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Sybase)

In this regard, we place special importance upon the future-orientedness of our products.
The connectivity to future Intranet or Internet connections is always a planning component of our solutions.