Search Engine Markting, SEM

We will increase the sales earned by your online shop through advertising measures and partner programmes!

We will support you in the preparation of your search engine marketing and, with the assistance of our partners, guide you to success.
Use our introductions and training in Google Adwords™, Google Adsense™ and Overture/Yahoo! Search Marketing™.

Make people aware of your company by using classical online advertising in the form of advertising banners, pop-ups and layer ads.

Through the logical analysis of markets and keywords and the monitoring and reporting of rankings and result pages, we ensure your success over the long term.

In this regard, we have not only the know-how, but rather have also created the required tools and instruments:

  • Market and Keyword Analysis
  • Campaign Development and Analysis
  • Control and Optimization of Paid Listing Campaigns (Sponsored Links Campaigns)
  • Online Advertising Concepts
  • Analysis of important Keywords for your Business
  • Market and competitive Intelligence
  • Concept Search Engine Marketing
  • Introduction and Training on Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Overture/Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Development and support for Keyword Campaigns
  • Concept of Short-Term or temporary Actions
  • Link Marketing, Networking
  • Affiliates
  • Tools for Keyword Generation
  • Monitoring und Reporting
  • Monitoring of Conversion Rates (Conversion Tracking)
  • Logfile Analysis